Playlist based video playout control panel

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Are there any playlist based video player control panel?

The video menu control panel is very basic to show video files.

But in real life you need more professional type of control of playing media files like

1-playlist based window to add or remove or arrange media files.

2-cue/start /pause/stop/loop /auto start when the above finished /show first frame /etc.. ike control buttons.

3-load or save playlist of media files

4-simple video editing to select the in /out time of media files.

5-simple audio mixer controller.

This type of control help a lot when doing real life live tv production with one or 2 pcs

7/9/2019 ahmed ahmed

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ahmed ahmed


thank you for your great explanation and support.

Are there anything new about this topic?
i mean some control panels like the following examples

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ahmed ahmed


Are there any suggestions for this type of media files playback controlling method?

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We don't have such thing out of the box, but we have a simplified playlist control though.

Please check this xcomp file as an example:


It is possible that it has enough logic for your needs. Of course you can open it an check how it works. Maybe you can even alter it a little bit to fit your needs even better.

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ahmed ahmed


I have tested [Common_Studio]:Compounds\Overlays\Overlays_Vid_Ins_Logo_Crawl_Green.xcomp

but i need the ability to rearrange the media files playing orders and and the functionality to:

1-when finish stop on last frame

2-show first frame without playing

3-option to auto play next media file

4-auto expanding playlist item number as user add media files

5-change display mode instead of big icons 

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ahmed ahmed


Also if these idea extended to do playlist based CG scenes controlling for example list contains:

1-Start in animation sequence for 3d scen

2-Do camera 1 animation

3-zoom in to main actor

4-show news ticker

to make my idea more clear some like this

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ahmed ahmed


Any updates for my suggestion for video playlist control panel?