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Aximmetry Terms and Conditions

Thank you for visiting the Aximmetry website and webshop. The following terms and conditions apply to visiting our website and making purchases in our store.

To enter our webshop and purchase Aximmetry licenses, services, extended warranty or any other digital assets, you must complete the registration process at my.aximmetry.com.

At registration

1, You agree to:

  • Our Privacy Policy, describing how Aximmetry Technologies Ltd. (the Owner, Aximmetry) collects and uses the personal information you provide on its websites: aximmetry.com, my.aximmetry.com. It also describes the choices available to you regarding our use of your personal information and how you can access and update this information.
  • Our Forum user guidelines, setting out the rules of interacting within our community.

2, You receive:

  • Product keys for our free Aximmetry Community DE and SE Editions. These Aximmetry Community Editions are fully functional virtual studio and 3D graphics software. When using them, an Aximmetry watermark will be displayed on each video output. We provide these software for the purpose of free and time unlimited trial before making a purchase. We also provide free watermarked trial editions of all our other software licenses on request at my.aximmetry.com or sales@aximmetry.com. Please note: It is not permitted to use your Aximmetry Community Edition for commercial purposes or any other revenue-generating activities.
  • Access to post your comments and questions on our Aximmetry Forum moderated by Aximmetry Consultants. This is your free support option.

To be able to use Aximmetry software you must accept the Aximmetry End User License Agreement (EULA) at installation, this constitutes the contract between Aximmetry Technologies Ltd. and the end-user of Aximmetry software, specifying the terms and conditions of use.

Products and Pricing

Please refer to https://aximmetry.com/products for our most up-to-date price list and product feature list. For prices of services not listed please contact sales@aximmetry.com .

Please note: all Aximmetry licenses are lifetime licenses (with the exception of rental licenses) and include 1 year warranty and 1 year free software updates.

Payment, billing and refunds

Full payment is required in advance for lifetime software licenses, upgrades, software rental, warranty extensions and any services, digital assets provided by Aximmetry before delivery.

After Aximmetry received your payment:

  • You will be sent the product key to give you access to your software
  • In case of purchasing digital assets you can check on my.aximmetry.com that you can download your newly purchased files
  • In case of purchasing a warranty extension you can check on my.aximmetry.com that your warranty has been extended and you have access to software updates and can report bugs
  • In case of purchasing a service (or any unique digital asset) our sales representatives will be in touch with you to organise your appointment for delivery
  • Invoice of your purchase will be emailed to your registered email address when payment is received.

We do not accept returns and do not offer refunds. All sales are final. All Aximmetry clients have the possibility of trying the full feature set of all Aximmetry software either by testing our free Community Editions for an unlimited time period or by requesting a trial of our other software licenses. For services, we provide descriptions and deadlines in writing before you make an order.

Changes to the Terms of Service

Aximmetry may change the Terms and Conditions from time to time and without notice to you. The Terms and Conditions in force at the time you place your order will govern your purchase and serve as the purchase contract between us. Please make sure to check the Terms and Conditions each time you make a purchase in our webshop. Your continued use of our webshop following the change of the Terms and Conditions means that you accept and agree to the changes.

Rights regarding feedback and contribution

If you provide Aximmetry with any Feedback and Contribution via Aximmetry ticketing system, forum, direct email, phone conversation or any other form of communication, Aximmetry is free to use the Feedback however it chooses. If you make any Feedback and Contribution available to Aximmetry, you hereby assign to Aximmetry all right, title, and interest (including all copyright, patent, and other intellectual property rights) in that Contribution for all current and future methods and forms of exploitation in any country. If any of those rights are not effectively assigned under applicable law, you hereby grant Aximmetry a non-exclusive, fully-paid, irrevocable, transferable, sublicensable license to reproduce, distribute, publicly perform, publicly display, make, use, have made, sell, offer to sell, import, modify and make derivative works based on, and otherwise exploit that Contribution for all current and future methods and forms of exploitation in any country. If any of those rights may not be assigned or licensed under applicable law (such as moral and other personal rights), you hereby waive and agree not to assert all of those rights. However, you may continue to freely use any Feedback and Contribution that you provide to Aximmetry, and you may continue to use, in any manner consistent with the Software license. You understand and agree that Aximmetry is not required to make any use of any Feedback or Contribution that you provide. You agree that if Aximmetry makes use of your Feedback or Contribution, it is not required to credit or compensate you for your contribution. You represent and warrant that you have sufficient rights in any Feedback or Contribution that you provide to Aximmetry to grant the rights described above. This includes but is not limited to intellectual property rights and other proprietary or personal rights.

Trademark Ownership Information and Intellectual Property

Aximmetry software including its documentation, logos, trademarks, icons, and interface in whole or in part is owned by Aximmetry Technologies and are protected by all applicable copyright laws. Anybody who copies or uses any or all portion of the Aximmetry software or its supplementary materials without obtaining the prior written permission of Aximmetry Technologies is violating copyright or other intellectual property law, and may be liable to Aximmetry Technologies and its licensors in particular for damages, or may be subject to criminal penalties.

Please contact sales@aximmetry.com if you need to use an Aximmetry logo or other elements of brand identity prior to application.


If any part or provision of this Agreement is found to be contrary to law by a competent jurisdiction, that part or provision shall be enforced to the maximum extent allowed, and the remaining Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

The English version of this agreement will be the governing version used when interpreting or construing this agreement. Any translations thereof shall exclusively be provided for information purposes without any binding force and in no event shall Aximmetry be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages or damages whatsoever resulting from any incorrect, incomplete translations.

In the event of any dispute arising from or in connection with this Agreement, especially with its breach, termination, validity or interpretation, You and Aximmetry hereby irrevocably and unconditionally agree (based on the The Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, also known as the "New York Arbitration Convention" or the "New York Convention", referred to as “New York Convention”) to submit the matter to the exclusive and final decision of the Permanent Arbitration Court attached to the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Commercial Arbitration Court Budapest). The Arbitration Court proceeds in accordance with its own Rules of Proceedings (supplemented with the provisions of the Sub-Rules of Expedited Proceedings). The number of arbitrators shall be three and the language to be used in the arbitral proceedings shall be English. The parties exclude the possibility of the retrial of the proceedings as regulated in Section IX of Act no. LX of 2017 on Arbitration. In order to settle the legal dispute, the Hungarian substantive law shall apply, excluding its private international law rules.

If for any reason an eventual Arbitration Court decision wouldn’t be enforceable through the New York Convention in Your country, Aximmetry reserves the right to file a civil lawsuit against You in the courts of any jurisdiction.


All inquiries regarding this Agreement should be directed to

Aximmetry Technologies Ltd.
Incorporation no: 01-09-171556
EU VAT registration no: HU24314486

Address: Gömb u. 26.
1139 Budapest, Hungary

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