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Posting and commenting guidelines - Aximmetry Forum

Aximmetry provides a community forum for its registered users to read, discuss and share information regarding the use of Aximmetry software.

Aximmetry aims to create a safe, inclusive, constructive forum environment where users can find informative, lively and intelligent conversation. All website visitors can read the forum content, users registered on can also post questions, relevant information or comments.

If you choose to engage with the community we kindly ask you to consider other members and be responsible for the quality of the content you are sharing.

Please DO:

Stay on topic

Be constructive, specific and factual

Be respectful to other forum users same way as you would be in a real life conversation

Check the grammar of your comment before posting

Please DO NOT:

Repeat information

Engage in battle with trolls

Share private information


Include swear words, pornographic or violent content in your posts and comments


Aximmetry Admin will not edit comments.

However, we reserve the right to remove racist, homophobic or other hate-speech contributions from the forum. Aximmetry Admin will also remove potentially defamatory postings or material posted in breach of copyright.

Users who repeatedly act disrespectfully, abusively or misuse the Aximmetry Forum will be blocked.